Why I will no longer say I hate summer holidays…even though I do!

My husband and I were having cross words again. Extreme lack of sleep, hardly getting time to eat and a house that looks like a toy shop was burgled, added to constantly demanding children and it was no wonder we were fractious.

Summer holidays are so hard.

In fact part of me actually hates them. 

We need a break”

“I just want the house to be clean and some time alone!”

“I hate the summer holidays”

They heard us.

I just unwittingly and unfortunately stabbed my child in the heart with my words. 


We made ourselves a coffee and regrouped. Stress affects everyone and this summer has been particular stressful for my family. My autistic son has really struggled to adapt to change but once he realised there was no school he assumed every single day would be simply about what he wanted. When that does not happen he screams for hours (he has complex needs and is non verbal so none of this is his fault)

I made the kids (yet another) snack and we all calmed down.

Then a little tender voice broke the silence:

Mum, it’s ok. I will go back to school and just stay there. Please don’t collect me at home time because I want you to be happy”

And then she cried. Deep sadness overtook her and I held her as the pain of my earlier careless words wrecked havoc in her mind and her heart.

I do hate the school holidays. I hate them even more now.

Parents, like all adults, need to be able to express their emotions. They get stressed and tired and we really are just humans at the end of the day.

But I don’t hate my children. In fact I love them and enjoy being with them more than anything else. 

What I hate about the holidays is this:
I hate that holiday companies are allowed to ridiculously inflate their prices in school holidays preventing so many from getting away.

I hate that family attractions cost so much that they are out of reach for many.

I hate that everyday tasks like shopping are so much more stressful because children want to do fun things and get bored at everyday mundanity.

I hate that my children see parts of me they shouldn’t because the constant 24/7 means I can’t rest or eat without them.

I hate how isolated and alone my family becomes due to having a child with complex needs.

But despite all this I will never ever say again in front of my child that I hate the summer holidays.

She does not need to hear this.

Her mental health is of far greater value than my need to vent. 

Children hear us. What are they hearing when we say we hate summer holidays? They are hearing we hate spending time with them. They hear they are not wanted and they are an inconvenience to mum and dad. They hear that they are the cause of stress. They hear that they are making their parents sad. They hear we hate them.

So from today onwards I may vent in adult only places such as social media, I may text privately a friend to moan, I may even write my stress down BUT I will no longer utter those words again when my child can hear.
I love her way too much for that.

She is the reason I will never say again publicly that I hate summer holidays, even though I do. 

Something to think about perhaps?

9 thoughts on “Why I will no longer say I hate summer holidays…even though I do!

  1. and when she is older, she will understand your words. It is so sweet that she wants to help and protect you, such a gorgeous nature but also shows what a fab mum you are to her too! So I hope you don’t worry about this too much (although I know you will) – we all say things we wish we hadn’t though xx

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  2. So guilty of this. We do have great times but my flat has turned into a complete mess and I struggle to relax when I have my name being uttered a million times a day for every little thing my children want. Thank you for this post because this so easily could have been me. Sending you huge hugs x

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  3. Thank you for being so open and human; very tough when you don’t have enough space and rest for you. Really understand. Hope you are able to find some space and together! Hugs indeed.

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  4. Hugs to you all – that much have been so difficult for hear your words reflected back at you. It can be so easy to forget the power of our words, especially on our kids. In years to come, I hope that you will both look back and remember the conversation that you had afterwards when you talked through what you said more than the words you said when you were tired.

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  5. So many good thoughts coming your way. Thank you for this incredibly painful albeit VERY important awakening. I loathe the summer holidays with all my heart. I will never say so again within earshot of my girls. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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