The ten types of selfies I get with my son with autism

This is a tale of the very real issue of trying to get a selfie photograph of me and my son. Isaac, aged 7, has non verbal severe autism. Here are my top ten attempts at having out photos taken together. I won’t be offended if you laugh…some of you may even relate!

1. The ‘climb all over mum’ selfie. 

2. The ‘iPad is of more importance’ selfie
3. The ‘screaming’ selfie. 
4. The ‘he did it himself’ selfie.

5. The ‘EEG’ selfie.

6. The ‘spaced out’ selfie.

7. The ‘do you want a piece of plastic toast mum?’selfie.

8. The ‘I’ve just pulled mummy’s glasses off and find it funny’ selfie.

9. The ‘surprise mum from behind’ selfie

10. And last but not least the standard ‘look at the camera and smile’ selfie.

We totally nailed that one Isaac!

I haven’t included the ‘won’t stop flapping so we only get blurry pics’ selfie or the ‘I like to be naked for pics’ selfie or the 3,413 blank screen pics he took before he worked out to press the forward camera button when the phone is on your knee either!

After 2458 outtakes I shall finish with this ‘I just got new glasses so mum wanted a selfie’ one which actually is pretty ok considering.

*Please note no mothers or sons were harmed in the making of this blog.