meetings, mice and playing nice…

Strange title I know but it sums up my week! It has been interesting to say the least.

I’m such a people person and I like to talk. Funny how God does things and I have two children, one who can not speak and one who doesn’t like people being near her! If I hadn’t given birth to them I would wonder if they were mine some days. God certainly has a sense of humour I believe. And if there is something I really love it is meeting other families, other parents who can relate to my journey of raising two additional needs children. So I like to frequent carers support groups, children’s clubs for special needs children and training meetings whenever I can. I tell folk it’s for the children but most often it’s me who benefits most. There’s something comforting to be surrounded by other people who do not judge, who accept your children for who they are and who want to support you. So if I hear about such groups I quickly get the diary out and see how many I can squeeze in around hospital appointments, speech and language appointments, pediatrician appointments and all the other multiple professionals who are involved with my children. And if the children can come with me all the better. It’s good for them to socialise but does me even more good to get out the house. It’s not good to be isolated. This week I have been to parent support meetings, a meet up at soft play and two children’s clubs with the kids..and it’s only wednesday! I have also taken the children to friends houses to visit too.

My daughter did announce in disgust to her dad this week though that “mummy talks too much”. Ok point taken Naomi. There are advantages to having a non verbal child…!

So if I am honest my sudden desire to attend everything and anything hasn’t just been motivated by my desire to be around people. We have had mice! And I have been terrified. We probably had them for a few days before we really knew for certain. My son has pica and chews and bites EVERYTHING. So when we called out someone to visit he wanted to have a good look around for signs of mice. The conversation went a bit like this:

“Oh there’s been some jigsaws chewed. That could be mice.” No sorry that was my son.

“I have found some chewed chocolate under the couch. That’ll definitely be mice.” Ermmm I think that was my son too.

“In your kitchen I have found what could be mice dropping.” Actually that’s looks like coco pops my son dropped. You have no idea how far those blighters can get!

“And could your son have gotten behind your kitchen bin and bitten tiny holes in a discarded tomato ketchup sachet? Oh we might actually have mice then!

Unsurprisingly he never suggested putting poison down. Oh yes Isaac would have eaten that for sure! So we lured our dear mice ‘friends’ in with chocolate spread and hide the traps as far away from sight as possible (I knew there would be an advantage to my son only seeing out one eye!) And rather than the infestation the chewed toys and food suggested we caught just 5 tiny mice. The majority of the chewing was indeed my son. But I was still terrified of those creepy mice! At least I had a funny story to tell at my next meeting!

Three days have passed now and although there is still plenty chewing and biting going on in the house it certainly isn’t those pesky creatures with four legs…just the bouncy, playful, cheery two legged kind called children.
We never mentioned our little visitors to the children. One would have perhaps thought it was a new delicious sounding meal, the other would have been traumatised. I’m with the second one personally.
And in all this the kids have been…well behaved! They have had a friend over to play and been to others houses and they have played nicely (all be it not talking or looking much at the other kids) and not screamed or had a public tantrum for days.
Maybe there is something to be said about going out more and keeping busy. And having the ability to laugh. When I ask God for more visitors in future though I think I will be more specific…