50 Reasons Why We Still Need Autism Awareness Month


You are probably thinking this is going to be a heck of a long blog with a title like that. What use would that be? I have no intention of boring you so I will cut to the chase.

If you have ever wanted to know why we still need autism awareness days or months or awareness days for any other type of condition here is why…

These 50 comments are all from the general public and each and everyone of them were actually said to a family with a child with autism or additional needs.

This is why I keep writing about autism. This is why we need people to talk about it.

1. Now your child has glasses it will cure his autism.
2. The best way to stop your child from smearing is to change him more often.
3. Your child’s difficulties are because you worked while you were pregnant.
4. Your children have autism because you don’t love them enough.
5. They probably have autism because they are twins. Twins always have problems you know.
6. It is because you had post natal depression. You are to blame for your child being disabled.
7. Your child is like that because you are not strict enough with them. They would never be like that if they were mine!
8. Are you sure they have autism? They don’t look autistic to me!
9. Vegetables, your child needs to eat more greens and then they will be fine.
10. It is because you breast fed them for far too long!
11. Your child needs to control themselves better.
12. Are you sure it isn’t you with the problem? Have you thought about counselling?
13. You must have really done something terrible is a past life to have a child who is blind.
14. Have you tried praying more?
15. She is non verbal because you don’t speak to her often enough.
16. He is just lazy.
17. They never had anything like that in my day you know.
18. He’ll grow out of it.
19. Have you not thought to use essential oils?
20. They just need a good smack.
21. Once he starts talking you will never know he has autism.
22. Disability is just a excuse for poor parenting.
23. Your child has that because you neglected them.
24. It is learned behaviour because their brother has it. They are just copying you know.
25. He just has too much screen time. Take his iPad away and he will be fine!
26. All kids do that.
27. It’s just because you have anxiety. That makes a child disabled.
28. She isn’t talking because you are deaf so you can’t teach her!
30. He’s fine in school you know!
31. Fillings. If you have fillings in your teeth it makes your child disabled.
32. Peppy Pig is what makes your child autistic.
33. You need to feed them the right stuff. Organic, gluten free, sugar free, wheat free…
34. It was probably for the best you had a miscarriage as you would not want another child like your son would you?
35. Cool they have autism! What’s their special gift?
36. He’s always fine with me you know!
37. It’s because you and your husband separated.
38. There’s no chance he has autism because he gives good eye contact.
39. There’s no chance you have autism…you have a job!
40. Are you sure they actually got diagnosed with that?
41. You just sent her to the wrong nursery!
42. Vaccines. I got my child immunised and made them disabled.
43. They just need more fresh air.
44. Dirt. My house is too clean and that has caused my son’s autism!
45. Have another child. If he has someone to play with he will be fine.
46. She can’t have autism, she’s a girl!
47. She is way too social to have autism you know!
48. You do way too much for him. Doing that makes them disabled.
49. You just want people to feel sorry for you because you have a disabled child.
50. Mixed race marriages. It isn’t right and that is why your child has problems!

Are you shocked? Angry? Upset?

So was I.

Ignorance is still rife and until people realise how wrong and hurtful comments like this are I will continue to write about the reality of my life.

You may have heard about autism but do you really know what it is?

It is alright to not know but it isn’t ok to say any of the things above.

I just hope and pray that every awareness day, every awareness month and every blog I write goes some way to dispelling some of these awful comments.

Until then I will talk about autism in all its reality, splendour and wonder.

Because I never want these two to ever have to hear any of those 50 comments, ever!IMG_0725


More than a diagnosis

It is a true honour to know a lot of families who live with autism. To mark autism awareness month this year I asked over 100 of those families to describe their children to me in one word or phrase. I collected them all together to make a video and to share with you all here.

Their answers are powerful, beautiful and inspiring.

  1. Funapril92april7
  2. Lovely
  3. Affectionate
  4. Courageous
  5. Strong
  6. Emotional
  7. Always smiling
  8. Helpfulapril19
  9. Marvellousapril41
  10. Train lover
  11. Intelligent
  12. Awesome
  13. Horse lover
  14. Precious
  15. Great artist
  16. Sweet
  17. Energetic
  18. Gorgeousapril6april50
  19. Contented
  20. Mischievous
  21. Loves outdoors
  22. Socially rigid
  23. Beautiful
  24. Cleverapril53april116
  25. Loving
  26. Caringapril71
  27. Cat lover
  28. x-box addict
  29. Informative
  30. Routine lovers
  31. Toothbrush facinationapril20
  32. Gentle
  33. Chatterbox
  34. Kind
  35. Light of my life
  36. Bus obsession
  37. Minecraft crazy
  38. Charming
  39. Giggly
  40. Anxiousapril8
  41. Quiet
  42. Dalmation collector
  43. Harry Potter’s greatest fan
  44. Cheeky chub
  45. Dancer
  46. Mummy’s boy
  47. Fragile
  48. Joy
  49. Smartapril15
  50. Special
  51. Animal lover
  52. Complex
  53. Cute
  54. Loud
  55. Thomas Tank engine fan
  56. Little monkey
  57. Quirky
  58. Aspiring authorapril124
  59. Cheeky
  60. Amazing
  61. Best friends
  62. Horse lover
  63. Happy
  64. Funny
  65. Creative
  66. Bubblyapril18
  67. My world
  68. Sunshine
  69. Handsome
  70. Simply the best
  71. Gifted performer
  72. Hard working
  73. Unique
  74. Jokestar
  75. Perfection
  76. One-armed woodworkerapril57
  77. Lively
  78. Determined
  79. Superhero lover
  80. History Buff
  81. Incredible
  82. Talented
  83. Dinosaur loving
  84. Brave
  85. Wonderfulapril63
  86. Water baby
  87. Minion fan
  88. Teddy loving
  89. Figure obsession
  90. Blessing
  91. Brilliant sense of humour
  92. Inquisative
  93. Excitable
  94. Calm
  95. My hero
  96. Loved to the stars and beyondapril110
  97. Big hearted
  98. You tube lover
  99. Always on the go
  100. Texture seeker
  101. Endearing
  102. Adorable
  103. Bundle of energy
  104. Timid
  105. Extreme sense of fairness
  106. Carefreeapril32
  107. The reason I live
  108. Heart of gold
  109. Nothing gets in his way
  110. Talents outshine his difficulties
  111. Laid back
  112. Sensory
  113. Full of character
  114. Lego lover
  115. Little princess
  116. Everything I could want and more

So many children, so many families and each one of them different and unique. There is one important thing to note though: every one of these precious children is much more than a diagnosis!

You can see them allĀ here

Have a wonderful autism awareness day!