Three things that happen when your autistic child is different at home and at school

I am going through a very difficult time with my son. This morning he was carried to his taxi by my husband and myself kicking and screaming. He was stressed, his sister terrified and I was anxious…

Source: Three things that happen when your autistic child is different at home and at school

6 thoughts on “Three things that happen when your autistic child is different at home and at school

  1. This is my son perfect child at school comes home hits his siblings swears at me and his mother kicks doors etc but apparently doesn’t have autism although me my 2 brothers and nephew have autism but professional people don’t see the meltdowns that happen at home.


  2. My child started to do the same kicking and screaming when I dropped he off at the school yrs ago. I felt something wasn’t right and decided to show up at the school unanounced and when I got to her school room door, I looked into the door window and saw the teacher’s aid abusing my daughter! I had reported her and had transferred my daughter to another school which she was happier and never kicked and screamed to go to school again!


  3. My boy is the same. I contacted social services to help me and we had a meeting at school. But that is as far we got. I feel like I’m failed my son. But I try my bloody best to help him in ever way I can.


  4. I can absolutely relate to this my child only got diagnosed in the last week of summer holidays in year 9 but yet I had been telling teachers the same thing she is Jekyll and Hydel and outbursts at home are unreal but school kept telling me same thing she is not like this in school it is hard for parents wis asd children and schools need to listen more


  5. Hi
    I seem to have the same problem. At home my child is completely different to at school. We’ve done camhs and maudsley etc but my son cannot be bounded as his behaviour is not consistent. Where do we go from here?


  6. My daughter is exactly the same! I referred her my self to the paediatric ward but because the school questionnaire came back with no issues and “the perfect student” the doctor just discharged her even though I was crying and begging him for help. That was 4 years ago and as she is getting older she still can’t control her meltdowns and screams the house down, breaks things and throws punches at me and her sister. At parents evening the teachers just laugh at me and don’t offer help because they don’t believe me. Is there any help out there???

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