All I want for Christmas is to hear his voice

Reblogging this as I have appeared on The Mighty. 12 months later and he has still not spoken. Having a non verbal child is hard all year but somehow it seems even harder at Christmas.


imageAnd so another December has begun and Christmas is almost upon us once again. There is something so special about this time of year with the fairy lights, and Christmas carols, children’s nativity plays and the joy of giving. The awe of little children’s faces as they open up a gift that was so wanted, wether it be from Santa or family. That is what parents long for and why families will go to extreme lengths to see a smile on a child’s face.

But what if you have a child who can’t ask for anything? What if you have no idea what they would like because they struggle so much to communicate and play with so little?

Six years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. An I am still waiting to hear him speak.

I want him to argue with me. Shout at me ‘no’ and…

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4 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is to hear his voice

  1. Hugs.
    It’s hard. Trying to find things that my youngest will want to play with after unwrapping it ….. Very hard.
    I sometimes think that maybe we should wrap up big boxes with just a little thing inside so the child gets the joy of unwrapping, without being overwhelmed by having to play with toys ‘as well’
    A few years ago a friend described how her son had a ‘second Christmas’ a few months later when he discovered the games he unwrapped on Christmas Day.

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  2. I feel you! The first 6 years of my son I felt the same way. My son began speaking small words at the end of his 6th birthday, and then, little by little, began to speak in small sentences: all this accomplished with intense speech therapy, occupational therapy and psicopedagogy (three professionals who were helping my child since he was 3 years old). He was on speech therapy until he was in 8th grade, and now he can speak and communicate, not perfect, but if he speaks slow enough, anybody can understand him. He is 21 now. He is in college studying Engineering.

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