He ran into the arms of his mum



He ran into the arms of his mum

I dropped you at your play club
You never waved goodbye
I never got a kiss on the cheek
You didn’t even cry

You ran to knock the chairs down
You never looked back to see
Did you even know I was leaving?
Do you actually care about me?

Did you think about me during those hours
When you run around and play?
Or do you just live in the moment
Forget I exist for the day?

You’re never far from my thoughts
I don’t like letting you go
But you’re not one for emotion
So I try not to let my tears show

It’s hard to offer you comfort
When you are always pulling away
But you love me stroking your head
And would let me do that all day

I’ve learnt to live on your terms
I’m trying to understand
The reasons you don’t like folk near you
And you don’t like holding my hand

So when you come and sit near me
With a photo you just want to share
It makes my heart leap for joy
Feeling you close sitting there

I cling to those precious moments
The times when you’ve sat on my knee
I can’t stop kissing your hair
But soon you are off running free

So I come to collect you from play club
Praying you might look in my eyes
Hoping you respond to my voice
But you give me a glorious surprise

A staff members calls you by name
You turn to see me smile
Your face lights up like the sunshine
Your legs start running a mile

You ran right into my arms
I hold you tight as you come
I’ve yearned for this moment for years
He ran into the arms of his mum!

He ran into the arms of his mum!
The tears have started to come
There is nothing like holding your son
When he runs into the arms of his mum

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