My little one’s woke up


A poem I wanted to share with all my loyal blog fans.

My little one’s woke up, it’s the middle of the night
I want to roll back over, pull the covers up real tight
But he’s screaming and he’s crying, wanting up to play
I’m gonna need a coffee, it’ll be another long day

The telly’s on already, it’s the middle of the night
I need to stay awake so I try with all my might
But he’s gone into the kitchen, wanting things to eat
Did I ever make that coffee before I fell into this seat?

He’s raiding through the fridge, it’s the middle of the night
If I shout at him to stop I’ll wake the baby with a fright
But he’s jumping and he’s flapping, happy as can be
If only he would understand, it’s only half past three!

My little one’s woke up, it’s the middle of the night
My hair’s a mess, my body weary, I know I look a sight
My bleary eyes are drooping, surely it’s not right,
That a child could be so happy in the middle of the night?

So I log on my computer, in the middle of the night
To find so many struggle and I share a common plight
‘Autism doesn’t sleep’ it’s there in black and white
Exhausted parents desperate as they face their daily fight

So spare a thought for families when you have slept all night
When you see them in their jammies, with faces ashen white
If you see them eating dinner but it’s only just gone light
It’s because they ate their breakfast in the middle of the night!

Thank you for your appreciation and understanding 🙂
Love, Miriam x

P.S. He certainly wasn’t getting any of those chocolates no matter how tired I was!


3 thoughts on “My little one’s woke up

  1. Oh my goodness how hard for you. I think you are an amazing lady. No matter your trials you never seem to let it get to you too much, which I’m sure at times takes effort. Your little ones are so lucky to have been given you as a mom.


    • Thank you! After 5 years you kind of get used to very little sleep 🙂 thankfully this isn’t every night so it inspires me to write when it does happen. He is worth every minute of sleepless nights and more.


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