I blogged, you shared and together we won!

Over 1200 read about my boy being denied a school placement to meet his needs. So it is only right that the same people get to hear what happened today.

We won!

And here’s the details:

We had the letter arrive to say our placing request for a local special needs school had been declined on the legal grounds that the school would need to employ another teacher. To you and I that means the school is full.

We had also asked for the original decision to place him in a unit within a very busy mainstream to be reviewed. The review also came back as the original decision being upheld.

So here we were with the following options:

1. Take the council to tribunal through the summer. We were very very unlikely to win a tribunal if the school is full. 

2. Consider a late deferral and hope to find a suitable school next year. there are only two special needs schools for our whole area. We would have had to go through the whole process next year again with no guarantee of getting it right again.

3. Home school.

4. Do something totally radical and ask strangers to help.

5. Send him to the school they wanted (Not a chance!)

I must be crazy but options 1-3 (let’s rule out option 5 straight away) did not appeal and as we had nothing to lose I wrote my usual weekly blog. And put it on my usual social media outlets. Except this time I begged people to share it. And ask others to share it. Get it out there. Make it public. 

So I blogged. And you shared.

And I emailed the press. Then I called the council. And they got worried. So I sent them the blog too. 

And a few hours later they called to say they wanted to talk. Great. I was delighted to listen. And an arrangement was formed. We could still not have a place in our local special needs school but we COULD have a place in the other school. In other words: WE WON!!!!!

So can I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for playing your part in changing a decision that would have been detrimental to the health and welfare of my son. Thank you for being part of our miracle. Thank you for reading, sharing, talking about it and praying. Thank you for caring enough about a little 4 year old boy you didn’t know. 

Thank you for changing this boy’s future.


I blogged, you shared and together we won! Please feel free to celebrate with me. He has his first induction this Wednesday!!!



15 thoughts on “I blogged, you shared and together we won!

  1. Amazing news ! So happy for you all ! Give Isaac a big cuddle from me, not tonight obviously cause he should be sleeping…lol x


  2. Brilliant news!! I think 2 ice lollies to celebrate is a great idea too! 😉 hope the induction goes well, x


  3. Congratulations …. excellent news. Please make sure your son’s placement offer includes free education transport to and from home and school. My children were all taxi’d to school due to be sent to schools out of the local catchment area. Remember he is a school PLACEMENT pupil due to need rather than a school REQUEST due to your wishes. If the LEA agrees this is the school where he needs to go to meet his education needs then they need to offer free transport as part of the deal.
    It is scary putting a child in a school taxi/special needs bus but we have always found the drivers and escorts to be great with the children.


  4. I was thinking about you so much today. I am delighted. It is a great start for you all on your long road. I cannot express how I feel. And a big congratulation to you for saying your son deserves better. You and he are well matched.


  5. Pleased that they have automatically included transport … all to often it is conveniently ‘forgotten’ and families are not aware that they may be entitled to it. It is essential especially if you have other children who need supervising and they are at the mainstream local one. As I’m sure you may have already discovered dividing yourself into different segments for different children/places does not always work although there will be plenty of times when you wish you had the ability. 😉


  6. Yay! I am SO happy to know your son will get what he needs! Tomorrow I go to a meeting to fight for my son John’s needs in the coming school year. This is so inspirational!


  7. I don’t follow your blog but saw this on Facebook. I am SOOOO happy for you!! we, too, had to fight to get our son placed into a school that would actually teach him and not just shame him for misbehaving by abusing him verbally and physically. We won, too, and our son started 5th grade in his new school, This first school year at the new school designed especially for Aspies like him has changed him completely!!! HE IS LEARNING!! He is reading at an 11th grade level. He is at a 4th grade level in math – he started the school year at 2nd grade level. His teacher believes he’ll be at his grade level when she gets his latest test scores back. He is learning how to control his impulses iin an understanding, supportive environment. It’s been wonderful! I hope your son has the same wonderful experiences my son is having. Congratulations!!


    Well Done, Congratulations 🙂
    Never EVER underestimate a special needs mum on a mission for their child.
    I hope your lovely son enjoys every minute of his schooling.


  9. Welldone u..if all the little ppl stand tall an be counted we can make a difference fir all our childrens future..x


  10. Well done Miriam and Nigel. So so pleased at the amazing answer to prayer. So overjoyed that Isaac will now receive the care and education befitting him. So proud of you both and your courage in the place of adversity. Loads of love. Mum


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