Living in miracle land

What an amazing week! It has literally been one of the most amazing 7 days ever. I feel like I am living in miracle land. Both my children have experienced breakthroughs so significant that I am emotional even thinking about them let alone sharing them. You may not see my tears of happiness and joy but I hope I can convey some of the emotion and incredibleness of this week with you through my words.


Well anyone who has read any of my previous blogs will know how special this little boy is. His daily struggles to communicate, not become overwhelmed with the world and everything around him and to experience all that life has humble me on a daily basis. Isaac is 4 years and 6 months old. But he has only ever said one word. I shared the magic of that wonderful moment a while back in my blog “I just heard him say ‘mum'”. What I haven’t shared is that that was it. He said it on 6th March but never again. Can you imagine how much my heart has yearned to once again hear my child call me mum? Can you imagine my excitement that this word could have been the start of many more to come? But then the disappointment of living daily with only unrecognisable noises and little eye contact coming from your beloved boy. Boy, my patience and faith has been tested as I have longed with all my heart to hear his tender voice once more.

And then yesterday morning, Tuesday 30th April, 55 long days later, he said it again! I went to wake him up and carry him downstairs for breakfast as per his usual morning routine and he threw his arms around me, looked right in my eyes and said mum. Words are inadequate to even begin to explain what that moment did for me. The pain, the heartache, the sheer disappointment of every minute of those last 55 days instantly washed away in a single embrace from my profoundly autistic son. My hope restored. My faith renewed. All in an instant. He knows who I am. He loves me!

Then there’s the moment he went into the kitchen cupboard and brought me out a plastic tumbler. He is asking for a drink. I count this as major progress but he was about to go above and beyond what I thought he could do once again. When I said “juice” he turned and walked back to the cupboard, looked directly at two different flavours of diluting juice bottles and handed me the blackcurrant one! So now he can make a choice. His receptive language has increased exponentially. And he delighted in showing me exactly what he wanted. Mum was listening. Who needs words? His flapping, smiling, excitable demeanor showing me he knew just how amazing he was. I am living in miracle land!

Look out for more miracle updates on this boy. God has started a work and he will carry it on to completion. This boy has destiny.


My beautiful, caring, happy but anxious little girl who has such a hunger for knowledge and a love of life even in the midst of her social struggles and anxieties. But one thing she really struggles with is a fear of animals. But this week she too has lived in miracle land and overcame her fears beyond anything I could expect. At one of our weekly kids clubs this week we had a visit from the animal man. While I had prepared Naomi all week for this event I was realistic in my approach and prepared for her to panic and become upset at the sight of not one animal but an entire room full. But she proved to me we should never underestimate anyone. On Monday night she stroked a rabbit, a bearded dragon, a guinea pig, a hen and a snake! She smiled, she talked and she laughed at her mum who overcame her own fears to prove that there is nothing to fear. Yes I even had a snake around my neck! The things you do for your children! I can not explain how proud I am of my little girl.

Then, (and this one actually deserves a blog all of it’s own it is so fantastic) the same night when in the bath this precious child started to talk about the children in her nursery class. In particular she spoke about two little girls, one who uses sticks to be able to walk and the other who uses a walker. I have no idea what difficulties these girls face and was thankful my daughter never asked. What she did ask was “Mummy, can God make these girls legs better?” What do you say to that? I could only answer as my faith allowed. “Yes, honey. Of course he can.” So that night my 4 year old daughter, with her tender heart, prayed with me for these little girls.You never know how powerful a childs prayer is.

The very next morning Naomi came home from nursery beaming with excitement and joy. “Guess what mummy. It was Shannon’s special day today. We had a party at nursery. Shannon walked for the first time ever today without her sticks.” I am living in miracle land. I defy that not to affect you.

There is something utterly amazing about answered prayer. Even when tomorrow comes with all it’s new challenges and struggles and the memory of miracle land seems long ago I can think back on these amazing breakthroughs and remind myself of the power of prayer and the awesomeness of my God.

Look for the miracles today. Some days they are much easier to find than others. But I believe you will find them. And be encouraged by the faith of a four year old girl. Can God heal? Just ask Naomi!

Holding a snake:


7 thoughts on “Living in miracle land

  1. Thats twice in just over 12 hours you’ve had me in tears Miriam !! Fantastic news though for all 3 children 🙂 x


  2. Miriam. This is awesome so wonderful. How good is the God we adore our faithful unchangeable friend. It reminds me of when you were so little and the trudges to and from Yorkhill hospitals to get your feet corrected. The doctors kept saying you wouldn’t walk probably until at least 3 or 4 and here you were, little Miriam at 2 years of age walking. Yes our God answers prayer. My love goes out for you, Nigel and Isaac and Naomi. What an awesome God we serve.


  3. Hallelujah!!! Prayer BREAKTHROUGHS!!!!!!!!
    Now, friends & family, let’s move with faith built up & all of us SO encouraged & intensify the proclamation prayers of what we desire for each of these very precious children, their mummy & daddy. (Praying the Desired End Result — Do be concerned about asking BIG — We have a BIG God, & He wants to do it — BUT, it all floats on our prayers. The angels ONLY can go into action when we pray in faith what the Bible says about whatever it is we want/need; i.e. healing, financial provision, etc.)


  4. Loved this. You wrote it so beautifully. Your patience/desperation waiting for your son to speak again said so much about the ups and downs of your life. I can see how the ups can eventually outweigh the downs.


  5. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Week of SUDDENLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We pray & pray, go to the Word & proclaim the appropriate passages over our situation, believing that we Receive when we ask ~~~ BUT, time passes>>>>>>>> We don’t see the manifestation with our natural eyes yet; However — THEN, ~~~~ SUDDENLY ~~~~ 🙂 Praising the Lord with you, mummy.


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